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      Earl Harlem's swell swing dance lessons are ideal for many events including weddings themed evenings & corporate  functions. With his open & welcoming personality Earl Harlem & dance partner encourage people to join in with his easy to follow instructions.

    With appearances from Maui Waui festival, NNF through to corporate engagements & weddings Earl Harlem has given lessons at events ranging in size from private partys of 20 or so to full venues of over a 1000 people and has the range of experience to provide a lesson that will be enjoyable to all.

     With the emphasis on fun, the lesson, which is based around 4 basic moves lasts around 30 to 40 minutes

 and gives everyone the chance to dance. It will enable people to dance a selection of simple swing moves to a short record, giving people a memorable time that they can enjoy all evening and indeed beyond.

     Email or call Earl Harlem and he will be only too pleased to discus how these easy to follow and enjoyable lessons can form part of your event.


       For more information about swing dance, Lindy Hop and weekly swing dance lessons in Norwich, Earl Harlem can recommend visiting Swing City.

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